Culture Immersion

CLE coordinates core Chinese language classes with sponsored trips, culture electives, China focused seminar series and real-life language practice to develop comphrensive and enjoyable study Chinese in China programs. CLE events are great way to experience Beijing and learn about rich Chinese culture.

CLE Culture Immersion events and programs include:

Chinese Club

The CLE Chinese Club is one of the key highlights of studying Chinese in Beijing with CLE. We arrange a variety of social and culture events for students to attend. Events are designed to be a fun way to get involved with other students and the Beijing community, while also introducing important aspects of Chinese Language and Culture. Events include: China Seminar Series, Social Gatherings with Chinese locals, Chinese Game Nights, Chinese Movie Nights, Student Social Dinners, and more!

Chinese School Electives

We arrange many electives and student activities that are both fun and help students learn more about Chinese Language and Culture.

Cultural Chinese Local Trips & Events

CLE arranges local trips and events for students. All trips focus on Chinese Cultural sites and activities, including: The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Llama Temple, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Opera, and Chinese Acrobatics.

Chinese Language Exchange

CLE provides students the opportunity to be assigned a Chinese friend as a studying partner. Students and Language Partners partake in many social activities, allowing students to not only practice Chinese with native speakers, but also develop cultural understanding and long-term friendships.

Learning Chinese in China: Real-life Language Practice

To help students take advantage of the native Chinese environment, CLE works with Language Teachers to frequently arrange fun, interesting and practical Real-life Language tasks. The goal is to stretch students Mandarin knowledge in real-life situations.

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