Overview of Mandarin Courses and Mandarin Programs


Course Types:

CLE offers Chinese Study Tour ProgramGeneral Chinese, Business Chinese and Intensive Chinese language courses at each of our Beijing locations. All CLE Mandarin Chinese courses are designed to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in any Chinese language environment. Each course is comprehensive, meaning that students will learn to read, write, speak, and listen to Chinese, while also gaining cultural understanding. CLE Chinese language courses incorporate a multitude of teaching materials and techniques that are focused into two core class types:

  • Speaking Class - Speaking classes primarily focus on correct pronunciation and word usage. These classes are designed to improve speaking and listening skills so that students feel comfortable using new grammar and vocabulary in real-life situations. Although the focus is speaking, students will also practice their listening, reading, and writing skills. Textbooks are used as a guide and teachers will often employ many other educational techniques to improve speaking and listening ability.
  • Comprehension Class - Comprehension classes focus on learning new grammar structures and vocabulary. Students use common textbooks and materials during each class session. Comprehension teachers work to ensure that each student has a strong understanding of how to use new grammar structures and vocabulary words. After a chapter is completed, each student should be able to fully implement the new skills into their language.

Program Types:

CLE Mandarin Chinese language courses are offered in several Program types giving students a great deal of flexibility to choose the program type and duration that is best for them. CLE program types include:

  • Term Chinese Immersion Programs -

    CLE's premium Mandarin Chinese language and culture immersion programs. Term programs are designed for semester or longer students.

  • Private Language Courses -

    Completely flexible, private lesson courses for students that need to focus on a specific aspect of the Chinese language.

  • Online Chinese Programs -

    Online courses that enable students to learn Chinese from Native Mandarin speakers from their home country.

  • Study& Work Program -

    CLE's Study Mandarin Chinese language and Working programs. Study&Work programs are designed for semester or longer students.

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