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CLE offers a variety of teaching materials. Below is a short summery of each one. Click the title of the teaching material to learn more about that material.

New Practical Chinese Reader Series


NPCR is a series of textbooks designed for English speakers to learn Chinese. It consists of seventy lessons in five volumes. NPCR has been compiled under the guidance of the new NOTCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) Syllabus and in consultation with HSK guidelines. The objective of this series is to develop each student's ability to communicate using Chinese through the study of language structure, language function, and related cultural knowledge.

Short-Term Spoken Chinese Series

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"Short-term Spoken Chinese" is written for students who come to China for a short time and want to develop spoken Chinese skills quickly. The series "Short-term Spoken Chinese" has 5 volumes, which separately meet the needs of all types of students ranging from elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels in Chinese proficiency.

Chinese for Managers

The Chinese for Managers series consists of four course books each with two volumes: Everyday Chinese, Business Chinese, Economy and Commerce Chinese, and Phonetics. Phonetics serve as a supplement to teaching business Chinese at the beginner's level. The other three books are arranged progressively at beginner, elementary, and secondary levels, and may be used in a sequence or independently. Each has a distinct focus, but all of them integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing to make for a congenial learning experience. Everyday Chinese teaches the kind of Chinese language that businesspeople use on a daily basis and supplements it with office work usages. Business Chinese features professional language that enables business managers to "talk shop" among themselves, and is also augmented with usages and expressions that reflect Chinese social and economic life. The Chinese taught in Economy and Commerce Chinese covers topics on the socioeconomic life of contemporary China.

Chinese Idioms

The colloquial idiom is phrase composed of two or more words that when combined have a special meaning that cannot be deciphered literally. One can only understand such idioms as they relate to real life situations. In order to help the students understand Chinese idioms, including their meaning and usage, we incorporate this course book into advanced lessons. This course book includes 20 conversational situations that cover 500 commonly used colloquial idioms. Each lesson includes the text, a concise explanation, examples, and practice exercises.

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