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CLE offers a variety of program types. Below is a short summery of each one. Click the title of the program to learn more about that program.

  • Term Chinese Immersion Programs -

    Term Programs are CLE's premium Mandarin Chinese language and culture immersion programs in Beijing, China. Term programs integrate Chinese language courses, cultural activities, real-life language tasks, and much more into a well-rounded program for students that truly want to study Mandarin Chinese and experience China. CLE Term programs start each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

  • Flexible Language Programs -

    CLE Flexible Start Language Programs offer quality, flexible Mandarin Chinese immersion courses. Flexible Program students are able to choose the start time and program duration that best fits their schedule. Flexible language programs concentrate primarily on language courses, but can also include cultural activities, real-life language tasks, local trips and much more. Chinese courses are offered at all proficiency levels. Pure Beginner small group classes (typically 2-6 students) start the first Monday of each month and non-beginner small group classes start each Monday. Programs can range from 1 week to 1 academic year in duration.

  • Private Language Courses -

    CLE Private Chinese Language Programs are designed specifically with the needs and goals of each student in mind. Private courses are especially good for those students that wish to focus only on a specific aspect of the Chinese language, such as reading or writing. Private course start times, weekly schedules, and study durations are completely flexible. Students can purchase a certain number of class hours per month, with a minimum of 40 class hours per enrollment. Discounts are provided for longer enrollment and stable class scheduling, meaning students that study the same day, time and duration each week.

  • Online Chinese Programs -

    Not able to travel to China, want to get started with your studies before you arrive in Beijing, or feel like continuing your Chinese lessons after you return to your home country, then the CLE On-Line Chinese Course is a perfect fit! CLE Online courses, like all CLE classroom courses, are taught by experienced and qualified Chinese language professionals. CLE Online courses are flexible and can be custom fit to your schedule and learning goals. All you need is a computer with internet access, a headset with a microphone (video camera is optional) and you're ready to get started.

  • Study& Work Program -

    CLE Study& Work Program is a completely free program that offers a combination of learning Mandarin Chinese and gaining English teaching work experience. This program gives the opportunity to develop English-teaching skills while studying Chinese language at all proficiency level. 

  • Chinese Study Tour Program -

    CLE’s Chinese Study Tour Program offers a unique combination of professional language education, culture immersion and China travel. Professional teachers and tour guides lead students on exciting trips, while teaching practical Chinese language and culture skills along the way.

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