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The CLE Chinese Club is offered free of charge to all Term Gold Package students, and is one of the key highlights of studying Chinese in Beijing with CLE.  We frequently arrange a variety of social and culture events for students to attend. Events are designed to be a fun way to get involved with other students and the Beijing community, while also introducing important aspects of Chinese Language and Culture. Events include: China Seminar Series, Social Gatherings with Chinese locals, Chinese Game Nights, Chinese Movie Nights, Student Social Dinners, and much, much more!

CLE aims to have at least one event and/or one seminar each week. Please see the CLE Events Calendar for upcoming events.

Seminar Series:
A key highlight of the CLE Chinese Club are CLE sponsored seminar series. Each semester CLE offers all or several of the following seminar topics:

  • Medical Series:  a multi-part education series that covers Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Chinese Massage.
  • Chinese History & Economics: a multi-part education series that covers important elements of Chinese history and Chinese economic development.
  • Chinese Radicals: A multi-part education series dedicated to Chinese radicals. Radicals are the building blocks for Chinese characters. Learn to recognize radicals and understand their meaning and history.
  • Chinese Tea: A series to introduce Chinese tea and Chinese tea culture. Sample different types of Chinese Tea.
  • Chinese Drinking & Social Culture: Learn about Chinese alcohol and drinking culture. Sample different types of Chinese alcohol.
  • Other: Other seminars that are periodically offered, include: Chinese Art, Chinese Music, Travel, and local Business.

Social Events & Game Nights:
CLE social events and game nights promote social interaction among students, and also between students and Chinese locals. We will frequently arrange events so students can exchange culture, practice language and just enjoy themselves. Social events may include game nights, with games like charades, mahjong, Chinese chess, or social events like talent shows and pub nights. Any activities requested by students are considered. Some events are held only for CLE students, while others will be opened up to invited members of the Chinese community.


Chinese Movie Nights:
To promote Chinese culture, CLE will frequently hosts movie nights. We choose popular and significant Chinese films for students to watch. Movies will always be watched in Chinese. At the beginning of each semester English subtitles will be shown, but will be changed to Chinese as the semester progresses. Language teachers or CLE staff will act as hosts to introduce the film and explain its cultural elements. They will also provide assistance with language and translation difficulties.


Student Social Dinners:
CLE will frequently host student social dinners. Dinners will focus on the many diverse types of Chinese food. Each semester social dinner nights will typically include the following flavors: Beijing Roast Duck, Hot Pot, Sichuan, Xinjiang, and many other styles.

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