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Not able to travel to China, want to get started with your studies before you arrive in Beijing, or feel like continuing your Chinese lessons after you return to your home country, then the CLE Online Chinese Course is perfect for you! CLE Online courses, like all CLE classroom courses, are taught by experienced and qualified Chinese language professionals. CLE Online courses are flexible and can be custom fit to your schedule and learning goals. All you need is a computer with internet access, a headset with a microphone (video camera is optional) and you're ready to get started.

Benefits of CLE Online Courses:

  • Private Courses: All CLE Online courses are private, individual courses, so you are ensured ample time to practice Chinese and reach your language goals.
  • Quality Teachers: All CLE language teachers are native Mandarin Chinese speakers. They also hold degrees and have experience teaching Chinese as a foreign language, so you are ensured a quality learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Courses: Online courses are suited perfectly for learning all aspects of the Chinese language, including: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and can be custom tailored to areas that you wish to study.
  • Affordable: CLE Online courses are a cost effective and convenient way to learn the language. By using free internet telephony services, such as Skype and MSN, you can reduce many of the cost associated with learning Chinese from native Chinese speakers, while still having an authentic learning experience.
  • Flexible: CLE Online classes are set-up according to YOUR schedule, adding convenience and flexibility to your language program!

Online Course Details & Requirements:

  1. All CLE Online courses are private/individual classes. Group classes are not available at this time.
  2. CLE Online courses require a computer with internet access, computer headset with microphone (video camera is optional), and an active Skype or MSN account (Skype is preferred) for telephone service.
  3. The appropriate level Chinese language text-book or other learning materials will also be used. Program Advisors and/or language teachers will guide you to purchase the correct learning materials for your level of Chinese and your language goals. General Chinese and Business Chinese courses are both available Online. All CLE General Chinese course materials are included in .pdf format for no additional charge. Hard copies of CLE textbooks can be purchased for $20 including shipping and handling. All other CLE approved learning materials can be purchased through or major bookstores.
  4. Each language session is approximately 1 hour in length. Each student can sign up for 1-2 sessions each day and up to 5 times each week. We suggest taking between 3 and 5 sessions each week to ensure optimal progress.
  5. A minimum of 1 month (4 weeks) enrollment is required to establish a CLE Online course. The Online course program fees will be billed through Pay Pal (all major credit cards are accepted) or invoiced for wire transfer. Monthly tuition fees, based on the number of weekly sessions you would like, are below (please see Course Fees - Online Chinese for US dollar prices):

    • 15 Hour Course - 6,000 RMB/month
      Class sessions are 3 hours/day; 5 days/week for up to 60 hours/month

    • 10 Hour Course - 4,800 RMB/month
      Class sessions are 2 hours/day; 5 days/week for up to 40 hours/month

    • 5 Hour Course - 2,600 RMB/month (MOST POPULAR!)
      Class sessions are 1 hour/day; 5 days/week for up to 20 hours/month

    • 3 Hour Course - 1,620 RMB/month
      Class sessions are 1 hour/day; 3 days/week for up to 12 hours/month

    • 2 Hour Course - 1,120 RMB/month
      Class sessions are 1 hour/day; 2 days/week for up to 8 hours/month


* A 5% discount is applied when purchasing 3 or more months of classes at one time. Students wishing to set up a class schedule that differs from the above listed rates can do so at the next hightest hourly class rate available (e.g. courses that total 10 hours per month would be available at the hourly rate for the 2 Hour Course, 8 hours/month program).

How Online Courses Work:

Getting started with a CLE Online Chinese Course is easy. Just follow the easy steps below and you are on your way to becoming a fluent Chinese speaker.

  1. If you don't already have one, establish a Skype ( or MSN ( user account capable of internet telephone service.
  2. Fill out the CLE Online Enrollment form to set up a trial Online class session.
  3. Once we receive your Online application, one of our Program Advisors will contact you to schedule a trial lesson and get your Skype or MSN username. If you enjoy the lesson, which we know you will, your program advisor will then answer any of your questions before helping you enroll in a course.
  4. With your Program Advisor, determine the number of sessions per week you would like to attend and at what time. CLE will then schedule you for recurring class times and arrange your language professor.
  5. Submit your payment to CLE through Pay Pal or wire transfer. CLE will notify you once payment has been confirmed and when your first class session will begin.
  6. Purchase your Chinese language text-book and/or other learning materials through (or other textbook provider) if required. CLE will provide General Chinese students the CLE "Real-life Chinese" textbook in .pdf format at no charge. Hard copies of the textbook can be purchased from CLE for $20 including shipping and handling. Your program advisor will provide you with the necessary details to purchase any other learning materials.
  7. That's it! You are ready to get started learning Chinese. Each session, your language teacher will call you via Skype or MSN at the scheduled time.

CLE Online Terms & Conditions:

  1. A minimum of 1 month (4 weeks) enrollment is required to establish a CLE Online course.
  2. Long-term courses are paid in advance or automatically each month through Pay Pal. Fees are determined by the number of sessions signed up for each week. A 5% discount when paying for 3 or more months of classes at one time will be applied. Discounts are not available for monthly payments.
  3. Unused course sessions resulting from missed classes will expire at the end of each billing month. Unused class sessions will not be rolled over. Classes may be rescheduled, assuming professor availability, as long as the class is rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class time. Missed classes, without prior notice, cannot be rescheduled.
  4. Monthly payment (if selected) will recur until CLE is notified that you no longer wish to attend classes. At this point, CLE will cancel any future scheduled tuition payments.
  5. Unused class sessions are not refundable.
  6. Changes in length, or number of classes scheduled each week, can be made at anytime. If there are unused class sessions due to a change in program, a credit for unused class sessions will be applied to the next billing cycle.
  7. Online Private Tutor classes (outside of your normal course program) can be set up by contacting CLE. Extra classes will be billed by the class hour. Please contact CLE or your Program Advisor for details.
  8. Missed classes resulting from technical difficulties (internet or Skype issues) will be rescheduled and added to the end of each program. Refunds are not applied for technical issues unless the class cannot be rescheduled.

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