Flexible Language Programs

CLE Flexible Start Language Programs offer quality, flexible Mandarin Chinese immersion courses. Flexible Program students are able to choose the start time and program duration that best fits their schedule. Flexible Language programs concentrate primarily on language courses, but can also include cultural activities, real-life language tasks, local trips and much more. Chinese courses are offered at all proficiency levels. Flexible Program small group classes (typically 2-6 students, maximum 8) start the first Monday of each month. Programs can range from 1 week to 1 academic year in duration.

Flexible Language Programs include the following features:

Culture & Elective Features:

  • Language Partner: CLE, by request, provides each Flexible Program student (1 month or longer) the opportunity to be assigned a Chinese friend as a studying partner. Students and Language Partners partake in many social activities, allowing students to not only practice and learn Chinese with native Mandarin speakers, but also to develop cultural understanding and long-term friendships.
  • Culture Electives: Culture electives are introductory workshops that allow students to learn about specific aspects of Chinese Culture. Please see the CLE Events Calendar for scheduled elective workshops. CLE's current Elective Programs include:
  • Chinese Massage
  • Mahjong
  • Calligraphy
  • Chinese Traditional Music
  • Chinese Art (Painting & Drawing)
  • Martial Arts
  • Chinese Cooking
  • Feng Shui
  • Local Trips & Travel: We frequently arrange local trips to historically and culturally significant areas of Beijing for Gold Package students. CLE sponsored trips include transportation and ticket fees. Please see the CLE Events Calandar for scheduled trips.


Academic Features:

  • Language Courses: CLE study Chinese in China students can choose between General Chinese, Business Chinese and Intensive Chinese language courses. Business Chinese courses require a minimum of 6 months prior language experience before enrolling.
  • After Class Tutoring: CLE offers Gold Package students free tutoring each weekday afternoon in the CLE lounge. Tutors can assist students to resolve any difficulties, review course material and practice specific elements of the Chinese language.
  • Real-life Language Tasks: To help students take advantage of the native Chinese environment, CLE works with Language Teachers to frequently arrange fun, interesting and practical real-life language tasks. The goal is to stretch students Mandarin knowledge in real-life situations. Sample tasks include, but are not limited to:


Beijing Transportation

Taking a bus, the subway, a taxi. Asking for directions.

Eating Out

Ordering in a Chinese restaurant.


Bargaining. How to find good deals at stores and markets.

Daily Life

Exchange money, open a bank account. Find necessities.


Visit a doctor. Understand Chinese emergency services.


International phone calls. Setting up local communication services.


Asking date and time, name, address, age, and interest.


  • Technology Resources: Gold Package students have full access to all CLE technology learning resources. This includes, computer terminals with individual Chinese study and pronunciation correction software, audio cassettes, self study DVD series and simple Chinese television programs and movies. CLE continually strives to incorporate, and make available, new and useful study Chinese technology resources.
  • CLE Language Center: Flexible Program students have full access to all resources in the CLE Language Center. This includes study areas, computer terminals, and CLE student support staff.
  • CLE Completion Certificate: Each Flexible Program student, studying for 1 semester or longer, will receive a Program Completion Certificate indicating their Mandarin Chinese proficiency level upon program completion.


Support Services:

  • 24 Hour Student Support Staff: CLE provides Gold Package students with 24 hour telephone support should they experience any difficulties during their stay in China. CLE staff will act primarily as an information resource to resolve difficulties.
  • Student Travel & Medical Insurance: CLE provides Travel and Medical Insurance through Seven Corners, Inc. and Insurance Services of America to all Gold Package students for the duration of their stay with us.


Language Plus Optional Features:

  • Martial Arts: Students interested in studying Martial Arts (Tai Chi and Kung Fu) during their Chinese Immersion Program can apply for Martial Arts courses through CLE. We partner with a nearby Martial Arts school to offer discounted rates to students. Rates will vary depending on student interest, enrollment, and frequency of training sessions.
  • Interships: CLE partners with local Beijing businesses to provide Internship opportunities to Flexible Program students.

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