China Visas


The following visa types are available for entering China:

 L Visa

 For students studying in China for less than 3 months

 F Visa

 For students studying in China for less than 6 months

 X Visa

 For students studying in China for more than 6 months.

All new students should apply for either an L , F, or X visa before departing to China. The type of visa will be determined by the students home country and duration of stay in China. CLE will provide the necessary documentation if a student is eligible to initially apply for an F or X visa. If the duration of the study program is longer than that of the original visa, CLE will assist to have the visa extended to a new F or X visa once the student arrives in China. Fees for visa extension are included with Gold Package programs.

You can apply for your L, F, or X visa at the Chinese Consulate in your home country. Many Consulates provide a mailing service if you are not able to apply for your visa in person. You may also contact a professional visa company to apply for you. CLE may be able to recommend reputable visa companies in your country, please contact us for information. Before applying for your visa, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Visa application form (completed) - attained at the Chinese Consulate or through a visa company.
  • A valid passport (it must be valid for a minimum of 6 months and/or the duration of your program)
  • Relevant visa application fee
  • 2 passport size photos

Visa Fees:

Fees for visas will vary from one country to another. Current fee details can be obtained from the Chinese Embassy website in your country.

How to Apply for Your Visa:

Applicants should go in person, or organize a third party (e.g. travel agent or visa company) to go for them to the Chinese Consulate in their home country and apply for an L, F, or X visa. The processing time is usually 5- 7 working days.

Visa Duration & Extension:

  • Visa L: The L visa ranges from 30-90 days and can be extended once to a F visa
  • Visa F: The total extension time for F visas can add up to no more than two years. CLE will provide eligible students with documentation for an initial 90-180 day F visa. All students that apply for study in China programs that are longer than their original L or F visa will receive a visa extension once they arrive in Beijing. The fees for visa extension are included with Gold Package program fees only.
  • Visa X: CLE will provide students studying in China for more than 6 months with an X visa. Students applying for an X visa will also require a physical examination. CLE will assist students with the visa application and physical examination requirements. The fees for visa processing, physical examination and local residence registration are included with Gold Package program fees only.

Confirmation Letter:

CLE will send you a Confirmation Letter, which will include a summary of all fees to be paid, details for making a payment, and a summary of your course and accommodation selections. Please note that full admission and visa processing can only be fully confirmed and granted once full payment has been received.


Students exiting and re-entering China during the course of their program, and prior to original visa expiration, will be required to apply for a new entry visa. Gold program students will receive visa extension services at no charge, and for the duration of their program, so long as they have continuous stay in China. CLE will be able to provide rate details for new visa processiong for all students that will require a new re-entry visas during the course of their program.

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