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Experience all the wonders of Beijing while learning to speak Mandarin Chinese!

Beijing, or "North Capital," as it translates into English, is not only the political and cultural center of China, but is also considered the starting place for modern day Mandarin Chinese or "Pu Tong Hua." While China has many regional dialects, Mandarin Chinese is the common language that connects the entire country. Since the Beijing dialect most closely resembles Mandarin Chinese, and everywhere you go in the city you will hear Mandarin spoken, it is generally viewed as the best place to study Mandarin Chinese in China.

Beijing has also developed into a wonderful and exciting metropolis with much to do and see. Here you will find a unique mix of old and new, arguably unlike any other city in the world. In areas of Beijing, traditional architecture and cultural sites, such as the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, are accented by Beijing's "Hutongs" or old alleyways and courtyard houses (the original Beijing neighborhoods). In other areas of the city you will find a lively and international atmosphere with modern skyscrapers, art, shopping, bars and restaurants catering to nearly every country in the world. Nature lovers can visit scenic areas like the Fragrant Hills, or travel just outside of the city and climb ancient sections of the Great Wall for hours.

It is impossible to put all of the historical, cultural and modern treasures of Beijing, China into words. It is a city that you have to experience for yourself, and the odds are, it will change you for the rest of your life.

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