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At CLE, we believe that Quality Teaching and Results-Oriented Programs are the foundation for providing a great study Chinese in China experience. Therefore, we design each CLE Mandarin Chinese immersion program with focus specifically on these two areas. This focus ensures that all CLE Chinese language programs provide an enjoyable and effective curriculum that combine both comprehensive Mandarin Chinese classes with guided real-life language practice. We maintain the quality of our teaching and the integrity of each of our language programs by carefully employing the following methods:

Quality Teaching:

CLE continually strives to hire and develop the best Mandarin Chinese teachers available. Great teachers are essential to providing quality study in China programs, intimate and engaging learning environments, and a challenging and motivating curriculum. We achieve this by:

  • Qualified Teachers - All CLE Mandarin Chinese language teachers are university graduates with experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
  • Internships - All CLE language teachers, regardless of experience, partake in an internship program before receiving classroom assignments. During the internship period, Chinese language teachers receive teaching training and performance evaluations. Only the most qualified and competent teachers then move on to classroom assignments.
  • On-going Training - Language teachers meet regularly for on-going training and discussion. This ensures all teachers use the most modern and effective Mandarin teaching methods and materials.
  • Working Hours - Full-time CLE Chinese language teachers are only scheduled to teach a maximum of 6 hours/day. This ensures teachers are fresh and have ample time each day to prepare for their lessons.
  • Student Evaluations - Students are asked periodically to evaluate their classes and language teacher performance. Language teachers may later receive bonus compensation and career development opportunities based on the results of all student feedback they receive.

Results-Oriented Programs:

All CLE Mandarin Chinese Immersion programs are developed to provide students with the necessary Chinese language and culture skills to succeed in both a personal and professional Chinese language environment. All programs are comprehensive, meaning that students will learn to read, write, speak and listen to Mandarin Chinese, while also gaining essential cultural understanding. We achieve this by:

  • Relevant and Modern Teaching Materials and Techniques - CLE constantly evaluates and incorporates new teaching materials, methods, and technology to improve student learning.
  • Small Classes - Small and engaging classes (typically 2-6 students) provide an interactive and intimate learning environment. All students begin classes with other students at the same proficiency level. CLE then constantly evaluates progress and may periodically move students to the best available class for their rate of progress.
  • Real-life Language Practice - CLE students engage in real-life activities to practice and use their Chinese in authentic environments.
  • Cultural Activities - Classroom activities, electives, seminars, and social events emphasize important aspects of Chinese culture, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Feedback & Suggestions - CLE takes student feedback and suggestions very seriously and frequently incorporates student suggestions to improve overall student experience for each Mandarin Chinese Immersion program, both inside and outside of the classroom.
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