Accommodation Overview


CLE has several accommodation options available to students, all within close proximity to the school. Careful consideration has been made to ensure that all CLE sponsored housing is both safe and comfortable. Accommodation fees vary according to the type of accommodation and the duration of stay.

CLE offers single and double occupancy accommodation. We also offer Plus and Standard housing options. Plus accommodation options are all very comfortable and are on par with western style apartment complexes and hotels. Standard accommodation options are less expensive and are the common, local style apartments in Beijing. Standard accommodation will lack some of the more modern conveniences of Plus accommodation options.

Early application is advised to ensure the availability of your accommodation selection. All accommodation will be prepared prior to each students arrival in China. Accommodation fees include one day prior to program start until one day after program completion. Extra accommodation time is subject to availibility and can be charged on a per day basis. Current CLE accommodation options include:

Home Stay Exchange

Private Apartment

Shared Apartment


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