Students also have the option of living in a three or four star hotel in Beijing's Guo Mao district. Each room is fully equipped with modern furniture, bed, private bathroom, fridge, satellite TV, air conditioning, and telephone(IDD and ISD). Hotels are selected based on close proximity to the CLE center, and are generally within a 5-15 minute walk to the school. Hotel accommodation is only recommended for students studying Chinese in Beijing for a short period of time.


Plus Hotel:
Four star, or Plus, hotels offer daily housekeeping and laundry services, as well as, recreational facilities, such as swimming pools and gyms. Included in the cost of the accommodation are daily breakfast, broadband internet, electricity, and water. There are traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and western restaurants, massage centers and supermarkets all within walking distance. Images are of Plus Hotel accommodation options.

Standard Hotel:
More budget conscious students can also select a 3-star, or Standard Hotel, option. Standard Hotels are also in close proximity to the school, as well as, shopping, restaurants, and transportation centers. Standard hotel lacks some of the more modern amenities of the Plus accommodation option, but are also safe and comfortable.

CLE also offers a private, serviced studio apartment in place of a standard hotel. A private studio apartment will include a kitchenette (with sink, full refridgerator and stove), a lounge room area, bed, closet and desk. The bathroom will include clothes washing facilities. Broadband internet service is provided with all packages and daily breakfast and gym facilities (outside of the apartment complex) can also be included.

 *Students who stay in a hotel will need to provide the hotel with an approximately 500RMB deposit prior to occupying the room. If all the facilities are kept well, the hotel will return the deposit in full. Students may also need to provide a credit card for extra amenities they may purchase during their stay at the hotel. CLE is not responsible for extra charges for services purchased from the hotel.

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