Letter from the Academic Director - Sally Zhang


I have been involved with teaching Chinese as a foreign language for over fourteen years now. Through this experience, I have seen a broad range of Chinese Language schools in Beijing and services available to those wanting to study Chinese in China. I quickly learned that the most successful Chinese immersion programs focus on two key areas: first, keeping classes small and interactive, and second, ensuring that students learn and practice correct Chinese pronunciation. Without these two elements, a Chinese language course can leave students frustrated and lacking the basic skills to communicate effectively and enhance their language abilities.

In developing CLE, I envisioned a place that would not only provide quality Chinese language programs that focus on these two areas, but much much more. I saw a place of higher education and cultural exchange lead by creative, passionate, and professional Chinese language teachers. A place where only modern and relevant teaching materials and techniques are used, and all staff members are committed to providing outstanding student services and support.

I feel at CLE, that is exactly what we have created. An intimate and interactive environment focused on the needs and goals of students. Our priority is to make sure you develop the necessary Chinese language and cultural skills to use in your personal and professional lives, while of course, enjoying yourself in the process. So, if you are sincere about learning Mandarin Chinese in Beijing and truly want to experience China, I hope to see you at CLE soon!




Sally Zhang
Academic Director

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