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Chinese Language Education (CLE) is a private Chinese language school in Beijing, China and has established itself as one of China's leading Mandarin Chinese learning institutions. We provide high-quality Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture immersion programs to all people that wish to study Chinese in China. CLE students come from top universities and professions from around the globe and share a sincere desire to learn Mandarin Chinese. CLE also has a sophisticated corporate client base that includes country embassies, like the United States and Canada, and top executives from multi-national companies, like Nokia and Caterpillar.

All CLE study Chinese in China programs are results-oriented and enable Mandarin Chinese students to develop the necessary language and culture skills to succeed in both a personal and professional Chinese language environment. We cater our learning programs to all types of students that possess a strong desire to learn the Chinese language. With multiple courses and programs to choose from, CLE offers the flexibility to choose the right program to reach your individual Chinese language goals.

The CLE language center is headquartered in Jianwai SOHO, near the Guomao, or World Trade Center, subway station in the heart of Beijing's CBD (Central Business District). We also offer classes at our satellite learning centers in Shunyi. Our Jianwai SOHO campus is located in one of the most convenient areas of Beijing. Therefore, CLE students are always close to shopping, restaurants, bars, historical and cultural sights, and nearly every other form of entertainment imaginable. Being centrally located allows student ease of travel and close proximity to all of the action in Beijing.
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